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We can't wait to meet you at
Financial Brand Forum 2024!

Create your own luck with the data analytics platform
preferred by community bankers nationwide.


Stop by the KlariVis Data Lounge for:

  • Complimentary device charging stations
  • Live platform demos by our on-site bank data experts
  • Famous KlariVis giveaways
  • A chance to win a bottle of Blanton's bourbon

+ more!

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Join us for an exciting session on KlariVis, the data analytics solution preferred by financial institutions across the nation.

Discover how the data analytics platform designed and led by former community bank leaders will revolutionize your institution's efficiency, growth, and profitability!


All attendees will receive an exclusive combo code for a chance to crack the lockbox at the KlariVis booth and WIN $500!

FB EM - Session

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At KlariVis, we understand the challenges financial institutions face when it comes to harnessing the full potential of their data, because we are former bankers.

That’s why we’re offering Financial Brand Forum attendees a complimentary data strategy assessment by a bank data expert, designed to uncover hidden opportunities and optimize your bank's data strategy.

What's included?

  1. Review of your bank's data landscape
  2. Recommendations based on your unique needs

What's the catch?

No catch. KlariVis is passionate about empowering community financial institutions, so we use our bank data expertise to create resources that will help the entire industry thrive. Uncover opportunities for efficiency and growth with no strings attached!

Click the button below to claim your free assessment!

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Banking Transformed:
Unlocking Growth by Tearing Down Data Silos

Unlocking Growth by Tearing Down Data Silos

Listen in as Jim Marous and Kim Snyder, CEO & founder of KlariVis, discuss how to accelerate informed decisions through the democratization of insights. 

"You're not just giving organizations a technology. You're actually helping them, through the way you've built this platform, on how to use it. That is the key." - Jim Marous on KlariVis


The Data Strategy Playbook for Community Banks

Discover how to transform your bank's data into actionable insights with our comprehensive guide.

In today's banking landscape, data is king. Yet many banks struggle to harness the full potential of their data due to challenges like disparate systems and dirty data. Our white paper provides a roadmap for community banks to overcome these obstacles and leverage their data effectively.

Explore the key steps to developing a successful data strategy:

  1. Determine the appropriate data strategy for your bank and its culture
  2. Obtain buy-in from the C-suite
  3. Commit to disciplined data governance
  4. Identify high-value data and sources
  5. Make the build-versus-buy decision
  6. Bring your data to life
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KlariVis aggregates the high-value, actionable data from your core and ancillary systems into one platform.

Our intuitive, interactive dashboards provide you with timely insights to empower your teams, drive profitability, and improve productivity at every level of your organization.

As former bank leaders, we completely understand your pain points and have the insight needed to build a platform tailored to your highly-specific needs.

So, we did.


Ditch static reports, bring your data to life

Empower your team to make informed decisions with self-service access to our 650+ interactive and static dashboards. Say goodbye to complicated reporting processes and hello to a more efficient and effective way of working.

From big picture to transaction level data

Quickly drill down from a macro view all the way to the customer level directly from your interactive dashboard. Instead of sifting through countless reports and making numerous phone calls, spend that valuable time taking action on the data rather than hunting for it.

Accurate, centralized data at your fingertips

Gain insights into every aspect of your business, from lending and retail to finance and operations. With enterprise access, you can ensure that everyone in your organization has the data they need to make informed decisions and drive growth.

KlariVis is a security-first organization

 The security of your customers' data is a top priority. As bankers, we know what is needed to satisfy regulatory and security concerns. KlariVis maintains robust internal controls based upon strict information security policies and procedures developed and implemented to protect our clients’ data.

Use the button below to schedule an on-site meeting with our team to learn why KlariVis is the data analytics platform preferred by community banks nationwide!